CSRQ Center Report on Elementary School CSR Models
Updated November 2006


New: Updated Report! 

The CSRQ Center has updated this report, which was initially released in November 2005. To update the report, the Center reviewed an additional 44 studies on the 22 elementary school comprehensive school reform (CSR) or schoolwide improvement models that were included in the initial report. Based on this review, information or ratings on the following models have changed:

ATLAS Communities

Integrated Thematic Instruction

Accelerated Schools PLUS

Literacy Collaborative

America's Choice School Design

National Writing Project

Coalition of Essential Schools

Pearson Achievement Solutions (formerly Co-nect)

Core Knowledge Program

School Development Program

Direct Instruction

Success For All

First Steps



About this Report

This CSRQ Center Report on Elementary School CSR Models [PDF, 5.1 MB] provides a scientifically based, consumer-friendly review of the effectiveness and quality of 22 widely adopted elementary school comprehensive school reform (CSR) or schoolwide improvement models. Each model is profiled and rated in the following categories:

Category 1: Evidence of positive effects on student achievement.

Category 2: Evidence of positive effects on additional outcomes.

Category 3: Evidence of positive effects on family and community involvement.

Category 4: Evidence of a link between research and model design.

Category 5: Evidence of services and support to schools to enable successful implementation.

The report provides education stakeholders a decision making tool to help them sort through their options regarding the hundreds of elementary school improvement choices available to meet local needs. The reviews are intended to clarify options, not to point to or endorse “best buys” from among the 22 models reviewed. Together, the reviewed models represent a significant portion of the total number of schools implementing elementary school CSR models. Each model serves at minimum 20 elementary schools in a total of at least 3 states, and is available for adoption in almost all states. To learn more about the methodologies used by the CSRQ Center in writing this report, click here.

The complete report is provided in PDF format. Readers may download and reproduce the report in its entirety. Readers may also opt to search the report for information about specific models using the links provided below. This report is available exclusively online.

       Executive Summary [PDF, 905 KB]


       Complete Report [PDF, 5.1MB]

Note: Viewing this report requires Adobe Reader, which is available for free download or upgrade here.

The contents of this report were developed by the Comprehensive School Reform Quality (CSRQ) Center, which is operated by the American Institutes for Research (AIR), under a grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The views expressed in this report do not necessarily reflect those of the U.S. Department of Education, or AIR.


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Questions? Comments?

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