This site was last updated November 2006.

 November 2005

Education Trust
Nov. 3–5, 2005
Washington, DC
At this national three-day conference, The Education Trust will discuss the urgent need to close the achivement gap that seperates low-income students and students of color from other young Americans. htm

April 2006

National School Board Association
April  8-11, 2006
Location: TBA
The 66th annual NSBA conference offers education stakeholders, particularly school board members, a wealth of practical knowledge and strategies for raising student achievement. The conference is organized around a variety of topical program tracks that allows participants to attend sessions of interest. This is also an opportunity for school board members to learn about best practices in the field, through sessions such as Share the Success Clinics. A representative from the CSRQ Center will present at the conference.

American Educational Research Association
April 7- 11, 2006
San Francisco, CA
The theme of 2006 annual meeting of the American Educational Research Association is "Education Research in the Public Interest."  The meeting will examine the roles and responsibilities of education researchers.