CSR Conversation

What is CSR Conversation?

Through CSR Conversation, the CSRQ Center offered a forum for readers to engage with CSR Experts who answered reader questions, provided tools and information, and sparked conversations about CSR topics. To learn more about how this feature was used, please visit our About CSR Conversation page. The CSRQ Center, run by the American Institutes for Research from 2003-2006, is no longer in operation. While you can no longer ask questions of our experts, the links below provide access to the CSR Conversation Archives, a transcript of CSR Conversations since February 2005.


CSR Conversation Archives


October 2006: FAQs on the CSRQ Center Report on Middle and High School CSR Models

The CSRQ Center often receives questions regarding the CSRQ Center Reports series. They have been adapted to answer specific questions that readers may have regarding the latest CSRQ Center report on the evidence of effectiveness and quality of 18 widely adopted middle and high school improvement models. However, most answers apply equally well to the CSRQ Center's two previous reports, on 22 elementary school CSR models and 7 Education Service Providers. Altogether, the Center has now rated nearly 50 of the most widely adopted whole school improvement models in the country.


December 2005: CSRQ Center Researchers

CSRQ Center researchers Jennifer Harmon, Jessica Heppen, and Marlene Darwin addressed readers' questions regarding the Elementary School Report on CSR Models released by the CSRQ Center in November 2005, and available on our Web site at http://www.csrq.org/reports.html. This report offers a consumer-friendly review of the effectiveness and quality of 22 widely adopted elementary school comprehensive school reform (CSR) models. The researchers answered questions regarding the methodology and analyses used to yield information about the CSR models that were covered in the Elementary School Report. Click here to read the full biographies of Our Experts.


September 2005: Hedrick Smith

Pulitzer Prize-winning former New York Times reporter and Emmy Award-winning producer, Hedrick Smith answered questions about school reform and discussed his upcoming two hour prime time special, Making Schools Work, which aired on PBS on October 5, 2005. Making Schools Work examines various approaches that schools are currently undertaking to raise student achievement, including Comprehensive School Reform models, such as the Comer School Development Program and Success For All. Hedrick Smith is well known for his award winning documentaries and articles which examine diverse and critical cultural and social issues. CSRQ audiences benefited from Hedrick Smiths extensive experience as a correspondent and filmmaker. Click here to read Hedrick Smith's full biography.


July 2005: Dr. Libia Gil

Nationally recognized researcher, Dr. Libia Gil, a Senior Fellow at the American Institutes for Research, answered questions regarding CSR implementation issues at the district level. Dr. Gil is well known for her expertise on school improvement from an administrative perspective. CSRQ audiences benefited from Dr. Gil’s extensive experience as superintendent of schools for the Chula Vista, California School District. She has authored nationally recognized publications and in 1992, she received the prestigious Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education. Click here to read Dr. Gil’s full biography


February 2005: Dr. Steven Ross

Nationally recognized researcher, Dr. Steve Ross, answered questions regarding research and school reform. Dr. Ross, Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Research in Educational Policy at the University of Memphis, is well known for his expertise on school improvement and evaluation. He is the author of six textbooks and over 115 journal articles. Click here to read Dr. Ross's full biography.