Our Partners

Role of Technical Assistance (TA)

Seasoned CSRQ staff provide technical assistance to strengthen the ability of educators to use and benefit from the information in Center reports. TA is the bridge between the research related to CSRQ programs and the practices that enable educators to successfully identify and implement high-quality programs that yield the greatest results for students.

CSRQ Center Technical Assistance Approach

Our state-level partners are key to our ability to provide high quality technical assistance and help us ensure that our materials are accessible and usable to various audiences. We are currently developing partnerships in three states to work with us to

  • Develop high quality reports by providing feedback and review.
  • Implement technical assistance strategies to ensure that our materials can be used easily and effectively and
  • Share our findings and communicate with diverse audiences through their established channels.

Interested in Technical Assistance from the CSRQ Center?

We want to help you implement the information you obtain from the CSRQ Website and upcoming reports.

  • Do you have questions about any of the content on our website?
  • Would you like to share information about your experiences in implementing CSR models?
  • Have you identified any practices that you believe would help others implement CSR models?
  • Are you planning a meeting, conference, or training session in which you’d like to include CSRQ Center information?

If so, please contact us by email or by phone at 866-544-8686.