CSR Model Registry

Note: The CSRQ Center is closed, and we are no longer accepting submissions to the Model Registry. However, readers may search and view information that has already been submitted.

The CSRQ Center created the Model Registry so that model developers had the opportunity to share nonevaluative information about their models. Some education decision makers may be interested in CSR models, including new or smaller models that were not reviewed in the CSRQ Center Reports.

The Model Registry is nonevaluative. , Providers that submitted information to the Registry  serve a variety of grade levels (Elementary, Middle and High School) and school types (including public schools, magnet schools, charter schools, and private schools). Users should be aware that each individual model provider has supplied the information in this Registry. The CSRQ Center conducted a minimal amount of fact checking for each model.

The Model Registry provides basic background information for each CSR model:

  • Focus and mission of the model
  • Grades the model serves Financial partner
  • Subject areas the model covers
  • Descriptions and citations of research demonstrating the program’s effectiveness on student achievement and other outcomes
  • Descriptions of the link between research and the model design
  • Description of the model's services and supports to schools
  • Cost of the model


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If you have any questions, please email or call the CSRQ Center at 866-544-8686.